Shopping for an EV? Ask about V2G.

Darcy Hitchcock

Have you ever bought a computer or tablet only to find out the manufacture is releasing a new feature that your new device can’t do? This could happen to electric vehicle buyers.

Electric cars can all take power from the grid, but some can put power back into their homes or the grid. That feature is referred to as V2G (vehicle to grid.) This will become an increasingly popular way to save or actually make money with your car.

Currently, only Nissan electric cars have the right technology to support the bi-directional charging needed to support V2G. But over the coming months, more V2G-enabled cars will hit the market, starting with VW which will start delivering its first V2G equipped EV models to the UK at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Hyundai is working on a V2G-enabled EV model.

Marie Hubbard is participating in a pilot project in the…

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