Covid-19 update: 9953 new community cases, 767 in hospital and 32 further deaths | RNZ News – New Zealand

From tomorrow the Ministry of Health will be changing the way that it reports Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths.

In terms of hospitalisations, the ministry will separate out whether the main reason they were in hospital was due to Covid-19 or if Covid-19 was a contributing factor.

The ministry will be making a similar change to reporting deaths, away from all people who have died within 28 days of a Covid-19 infection to people who have died because of a Covid-19 infection or where it was a contributing factor.

Source: Covid-19 update: 9953 new community cases, 767 in hospital and 32 further deaths | RNZ News

Ceremony marks official return of Bruce’s Beach – Los Angeles Times

It’s official: The Bruces own Bruce’s Beach again.

In a heartfelt ceremony Wednesday, dozens of people gathered on the oceanfront property known as Bruce’s Beach to mark the first time the government ever returned land that had been wrongfully taken from a Black family — the triumphant coda to a call for justice that has captivated the country for the past two years.

“Today, we’re sending a message to every government in this nation confronted with the same challenge: This work is no longer unprecedented,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn, who had launched the complex legislative and legal process to transfer the property. “We have set the precedent, and it is the pursuit of justice.”

Source: Ceremony marks official return of Bruce’s Beach – Los Angeles Times

Jetzt CETA-Ratifizierung stoppen: Keine Paralleljustiz für Konzerne! … Stop CETA ratification now: No parallel justice for corporations!

Stella, oh, Stella

Dies betrifft ganz Europa, daher auch auf Englisch.

… This concerns all of Europe, therefore I also post in English. The English version follows after the German in one block. I am sure that your countries have similar organizations, to which one can connect or wavering parties that need to be contacted and held to their promises.

Klima- und Energiekrise, Hungersnöte und ein Krieg in Europa: Unsere Gesellschaft steht vor enormen Herausforderungen. Wir leben in Zeiten, in denen demokratisch gewählte Regierungen mutige und auch harte Entscheidungen treffen müssen – unbeeinflusst von Konzern- und Lobbyinteressen und nicht eingeschränkt durch die Gefahr, vor intransparente Schiedsgerichte gezerrt zu werden.

Genau diese Gefahr droht uns mit der Ratifizierung des europäisch-kanadischen Freihandelsabkommens CETA: Eine Paralleljustiz, die von Konzernen ausgenutzt werden kann und demokratisch gewählte Regierungen lähmt. Insbesondere die Grünen haben sich in der Opposition vehement gegen die Ratifizierung des Abkommens ausgesprochen. Doch jetzt soll das…

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With the cost of being raped increasing exponentially…


That’s right!  Why on earth are we punishing rape victims instead of comforting and protecting them?  I wonder how many female rape victims are planning to vote Republican?  You think about it, girl!

What kind of legal protection is available for women?  Can you imagine birthing your rapist’s baby?  My, this culture has turned  ugly!

Remember, women’s method of self protection needs to be legal.  Some may think it fortunate that it’s easy to buy protection now, thanks to the NRA.  What kind of protective device might work best, in case of a need to protect yourself? I’ve read that M-16s are easy to shoot–like a bb gun–and designed to disable but not necessarily to kill.  I reckon the gunshop owners would give you more info. 

It’s nothing I’m recommending, mind you, but I can imagine how one might feel to have the establishment making you pay for having been…

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Coco Chanel comigo!

” Eu não entendo como uma mulher pode sair de casa sem se arrumar um pouco- mesmo que por delicadeza. Depois, nunca se sabe, talvez seja, o dia em que ela tem um encontro com destino. E emelhor estar tão bonita quanto for possível para o destino.

Coco Chanel.

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/ Westwing Brasil

Santarém, Pá 20 de julho de 2022

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WHO: 14,000 monkeypox cases worldwide, 5 deaths | CIDRAP

Though the outbreak is heavily concentrated in Europe, the five deaths have been reported in African nations. Some countries are beginning to record a decline in cases, but six countries this week reported their first cases.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said the country has 281 new confirmed monkeypox cases, bringing the national total to 2,137.

The UKHSA also said it has ordered 100,000 more doses of Bavarian Nordic’s monkeypox vaccine, in addition to the 30,000 the National Health System had previously procured. MSM are being offered the vaccine.

“Although most cases of monkeypox in the current outbreak are mild, severe illness can occur in some people, so it is important we use the available vaccine to reach groups where transmission is occurring,” said Gayatri Amirthalingam, MD, the head of immunization at UKHSA. “We continue to urge anyone with a rash with blisters, or any other monkeypox symptoms, to take a break from events, meeting with friends, or having sexual contact.”

The agency also updated its guidance on close contacts of cases, saying close contacts no longer need to isolate for 21 days, unless they begin to show symptoms. Close contacts should, however, avoid sex, kissing, and hugging until the 21 days has passed.

In other news, the United States has 136 more monkeypox cases, putting the total at 2,108. The number of affected jurisdictions remains at 45.

New York has the most cases, with 581, followed by California, with 267. Illinois has 200 cases.

Source: WHO: 14,000 monkeypox cases worldwide, 5 deaths | CIDRAP

Vida comigo!

A vida cumpre o seu propósito. Ainda que asfixiada, “ela florir!” Não tem quem a limite, não há quem a contenha, nem quem a prisione. “A vida acontece entre uma trama e outra”. De forma geral, a vida desabrocha perante a sua metáfora de resistência.

Talvez, um de seus elementos mais preciosos, e que mereça uma boa reflexão, seja a arte de se sustentar diante da impossibilidade de suas muitas questões. Ora, como ela sempre reage, não se limita, nao se deixa oprimir, ao contrário, torna-se imponente diante de seus próprios fracassos.

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/ harsadness/Portugal

Santarém, Pá 20 de julho de 2022

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Justice Department Secures Agreement with Jefferson County, Kentucky, Officials to Ensure Polling Place Accessibility | OPA | Department of Justice

Under the terms of the agreement, the Jefferson County Board will immediately begin remediating its voting program. The Board will employ measures such as portable ramps, signage and propped-open doors to ensure that its selected polling places are accessible to voters with disabilities. In addition, the Board will train its poll workers and other elections staff on the requirements of the ADA and how to use temporary measures to ensure each polling place is accessible during elections. The Board will also survey polling locations for accessibility and maintain the accessibility of each polling place it uses on election days. When selecting future polling places, the Board will select locations that will be accessible during elections.

This settlement is part of the department’s ADA Voting Initiative, which focuses on protecting the voting rights of individuals with disabilities. A hallmark of the ADA Voting Initiative is its collaboration with jurisdictions to increase accessibility at polling places. Through this initiative, the Department of Justice has surveyed more than 2,500 polling places and increased polling place accessibility in more than 50 jurisdictions, including Newton County, Arkansas; St. Louis, Missouri; Travis County, Texas; and Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.


Source: Justice Department Secures Agreement with Jefferson County, Kentucky, Officials to Ensure Polling Place Accessibility | OPA | Department of Justice