Rewilding progress in the Galápagos and around the world

Darcy Hitchcock

The Galápagos Islands are famous for unique species like the marine iguana. But Floreana Island lost many of their special species due to rats that likely came over on boats. So the community, nonprofits and the government are collaborating to remove nonnative species and reintroduce 13 native species from neighboring islands.

Efforts include protecting the Floreana giant tortoise which until recently had been thought to be extinct. That single creature can remake the land, eating this and not that, returning the island to a savanna, welcoming back other animals that belong there.

Similar efforts are happening around the world, people and nature collaborating for people and nature.

In Australia, reintroducing Tasmanian devils to the mainland will help engineer the entire ecosystem back to health and reduce the intensity of wildfires by helping native small mammals recover and forests to regenerate. In the Iberá wetlands of north-eastern Argentina, local communities have…

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