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I strongly considered another redux tonight, for it is late, I am tired, and I still have 70 or so comments awaiting my response.  But, it seems that’s all I’ve done lately — redux, redux, redux!  I’m starting to sound like a … wait for it … broken record!  Anyway, Clive mentioned this as one of his favourite Beatles’ tunes a few days ago, so … this one’s for you, Clive!

From my old standby Songfacts …

Paul McCartney wrote this about his girlfriend, an actress named Jane Asher. They split for good in 1968.
The Beatles recorded this specifically for release as a single at two quick sessions while they were making the Rubber Soul album in October 1965. When it was released as a single backed with “Day Tripper,” debate raged over which was the A-side. Most pop groups put B-sides on their singles that were far…

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