Portuguese cooperative installs solar for nonprofits, homes

Darcy Hitchcock

Copernico raises money from investors to install and manage solar installations. They focus on institutions that benefit society and already have 33 installations around the country: kindergartens, churches, homes for people with disabilities, hospitals, and even homes.

Sampling of projects from their website.

The customers get the solar panels for free and still save money on energy.

“Not only have we radically reduced our own electricity bills, we also earn around €5,000 ($5,290) a year with the energy that we feed back into the public grid,” said Luis Besugo from the aid organization APPACDM. The group looks after people with disabilities and also runs kindergartens in the greater Lisbon area.

Concept. https://www.coopernico.org/en/projects

Investors earn three percent, better than bank saving instruments, but far below typical investments. Despite that, they have no problem finding investors.

Installation at The Padre Tobias Social Welfare Center which serves children and the elderly. https://www.coopernico.org/en/projects

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