4 thoughts on “How a conservative US network undermined Indigenous energy rights in Canada | Environment | The Guardian”

  1. I sometimes wonder if lobbying organizations aren’t simply ripping off their clients for no purpose. Is Atlas providing political cover for like-minded politicians to do what they want? Is it actually attempting to sway public opinion on a matter about which most voters are indifferent? (They shouldn’t be, but that’s another matter. Should is a hopeless word.) What is Atlas doing and does it actually have any effect? The uber rich like Koch and Musk waste a ton of money — often other people’s money — because they have it to waste. The consultants are they to make sure the money they drop doesn’t hit the ground.

    1. Agree – we are in an insane time where the uber-rich think they can buy the world to suit their whims and exempt themselves from consequences.

    2. Quite possibly. Isn’t that what Putin and Xi have been trying to do, by treating national assets as a personal piggy bank? And the drug cartel leaders in basically setting up their own kingdoms? And now the oil guys in Texas, thinking of the GOP platform.

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