6 thoughts on “Autoimmune patients are losing access to essential medications as states crack down on abortions. The reason? The drugs can also be used to end pregnancies.”

  1. The madness goes too far. Pro life for fetuses, but not for adults with autoimmune conditions? Where is the logic in that? You can use certain herbs for abortions too (I won’t name them here, they are not without risk), wildflowers, will they be banned as well?

    1. Herbs and wild flowers? I don’t think they think that far. But some will back arrests and investigations for any stillbirth. It is really a witchcraft kind of frenzy that many politicians and their followers are in. No rationality, mercy or morals.

    2. I am sure people asked that in 1938-39 France, Poland… Or in 1953-1956 when US House UnAmerican Committee was looking for communists in US Army, film industry, US State Department, major US firms… My journalism teacher was banned from working in press in Hollywood because he would not testify before that committee… Bosnia – Serbia in the 1990s… Hungray today. Pseudo-religious fervor just waits and then erupts again an again, if people take democracy and freedom for granted.

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