Breaking Big Into Smaller, & Apples vs. Oranges on Day 20/67

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      Three thoughts on  Day 20 of my 67 night-school class set of lesson plans for GED/HiSet learners.
1.)  Numbers matter, and numeracy matters:  understanding pattern and counting is part of understanding how to break down large numbers into smaller factors, and with it, large tasks into component tasks, while,
2.)  Breaking down a problem into it’s lower level items is also part of figuring out how to schedule a solution, like that of solving a problem of how to reply to a court summons by a debt collector…
3.)   Creating usable chunks also requires knowing how big each chunk really is, which in turn requires understanding how to see equivalent units, or how to convert

conversion chart Eight different forms to express the equivalent quantity

every chunk into a comparable unit.

   With regard to the scheduling spreadsheet in the above Day 20 lesson of my plan…

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