Saturday Surprise — Beauty, Humour and Furry Critters (Redux)

Filosofa's Word

As I find myself sorely lacking in humour tonight, I am reposting a Saturday Surprise from June 2018, but it is, I think, one well worth repeating! I hope you find a smile or two here to start your weekend!

Well, well, well … we have all survived yet another week and here it is, the first official weekend of summer! So, does everyone have happy plans for the weekend? Me? No, no … Chris is at yet another band competition this weekend, this one in Dublin (Ohio, not Ireland), so Goose and I are just chillin’. I don’t know about you all, but I think my U.S. friends will know what I mean when I say it’s been a tough week, and personally, I’m in the mood for some beauty, some humour, and some cute furry critters. But first, a funny-sad story about a member of the Sig-7 (short…

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