Life of the Soil

Kaushal Kishore

When the wind kisses her
she starts blowing hot and cold
like a young maiden,
in company with wind and sun
when she feels dry and thirsty,
she waits avidly for the moistness
to fill the cracks on her dryness,
and when rain comes
she gets drenched with joy
to prepare herself
for her green youth and fertility
changing colours and shapes
from time to time
and from place to place
just to serve humanity…

She gets molded
into any shape we need
by laying as a clay
on the potter’s wheel,
she purifies whatever she receives
so pious that a home gets purified
when coated with her,
she keeps open her chest to share
her bounty of crops, ores and minerals…

We err when we take
her fragility, humility and diversity
to shower her love and blessings
as her meek surrender
to the might of human rights,
but we…

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