A new way to recycle wind turbine blades

Darcy Hitchcock

What to do with wind turbine blades when they need to be replaced? Many have ended up in landfills. Some became pedestrian bridges. But now Siemens Gamesa has developed a resin that can be washed away, making it easy to separate and recycle the component parts.

In a statement Thursday, Swedish energy firm Vattenfall said some of the wind turbines at the 1.5 gigawatt Hollandse Kust Zuid facility would use Siemens Gamesa’s RecycableBlades. These blades, Vattenfall said, use “a resin type that dissolves in a low-temperature, mildly acidic solution.”

Presumably they’ve taken acid rain into account…that could be bad. Haha.

That, it explained, enables the resin to be separated from other components within the blade — carbon fiber, wood, fiberglass, metal and plastic — “without significantly impacting their properties.” The components can then be recycled and used again.


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