What Is, What Does

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~What Is, What Does~

Love is, is what love does.
Hate is, is what hate does.
Peace is, is what peace does.
Chaos is, is what chaos does.
Generosity is, is what generosity does.
Greed is, is what greed does.
Happiness is, is what happiness does.
Sadness is, is what sadness does.
Compassion is, is what compassion does.
Indifference is, is what indifference does.
Encouragement is, is what encouragement does.
Discouragement is, is what discouragement does.
Whoever you are, reflects whatever you do.
Whatever you do, reflects whoever you are.
Our character reflects what we are made of and what we do. We must think about what our reflection looks like if we want to make a positive difference and an empowering change. Just a thought.

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