The Price Of A Miracle

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

The jerk from a sudden impact startled Biju from his momentary slumber. In a split second, he applied the brakes as years of driving instincts kicked in, and the Toyota Innova Crysta veered and screeched to a dead halt. As the smell of grazed rubber gently floated into the MUV through its rolled-down windows, beads of perspiration appeared on the forehead of its seasoned driver. Looking back in his rearview mirror, Biju said a silent prayer and drove away as the broken body of an unknown man lay twitching in a pool of blood. Accidents such as these were not uncommon in the dead of a pitch-black moonless night on a remote highway, deep in the rural hinterlands of the Indian state of Bihar. To answer nature’s call in the open, sleepy villagers often crossed paved roads and national highways in the early hours.

Six hundred and thirty kilometres away…

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5 thoughts on “The Price Of A Miracle”

  1. Thank you Ned for promoting this story of mine in your blog. It’s always a pleasure to see my tales showcased in your website. I am sure that the readers would love this very different and interesting story.

    1. I survived being hit by a speeding car while in the crosswalk when I was 7 years – was thrown 50 feet – ended up wearing a very heavy neck brace for 6 months afterward. Also survived a mob attacking my vehicle after my little Fiat with three passengers was struck by a double decker bus – fighting between crash survivors was also custom in that nation – not India. Police saved us as people from the bus surrounded the car and were beating and rocking the car. So, the story had special meaning for me.

    2. Dear Ned, it always gives me extra joy, when someone is able to personally relate to one of my stories. Yes, I agree, accidents and road rage can be bitter experiences, I have had my share of them.

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