Raise Salaries or Lower the Bar?

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So, it seems some people have decided that ‘too much’ education is a bad thing.  Imagine, if you will, that your state has a shortage of teachers.  Your state also has the lowest wages for teachers in the nation.  Now, the common-sense solution here is to offer incentives to qualified teachers, raise the salaries to be competitive, right?  Well, Arizona has decided to go a different route – lower the requirements for becoming a teacher!  An excerpt from an article in Salon

“Last week, just days after the Arizona legislature passed the most expansive school voucher law anywhere in the nation, Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law another education measure decreeing that public school teachers are no longer required to have a college degree of any kind before being hired. Arizona teachers will only have to be enrolled in college in order to begin teaching the state’s public school…

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