I promise I will stay strong|قول می دهم که قوی خواهم ماند

A Voice from Iran

“127th story”

First published: Jan.30.2020

It was a Friday and all the high school kids were waiting for the bell to ring. They all were thinking about how to spend their weekend.

Mike walked off school with a hand full of books and looked like he had a cumbersome backpack. His thick glasses were slipping on his nose and he was struggling to carry those extra loads


— Mike’s weird act drew John’s attention. John was a good student with good grades too, but a fun one. While John was secretly staring at Mike, some kids pushed Mike purposely and threw him with all his unnecessary loads on the asphalt.


John couldn’t help it and ran to Mike and helped him pick up his books.

John said: “Dude, are you sure you need all these books over one weekend? You have to bring them back on Monday again. Next time…

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