A Meditation Exercise To Promote Healing

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Today I want to share with you a simple to try, yet effective meditation exercise, based on hope, to promote healing.

The whole exercise lasts about 10 minutes, and you can do it whenever you feel the need to recenter yourself, or to heal yourself from the negative effects of criticism, fear, rejection, stress, and anxiety.

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When you are ready to start, find a safe, calm, and silent place where to meditate, and wear comfortable clothes (or unbutton your tie, trousers, and everything too tight).

Sit comfortably or lie down and start breathing deeply, with your belly, inhaling from your nose and exhaling from your mouth. Your eyes can be both open or closed, as you feel it better.

Enjoy each breath. Appreciate the process of breathing, feel the air entering your lungs and then leaving them. Be thankful and…

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