This car charges itself with solar panels

Made for US southwest!!!

Darcy Hitchcock

Lightyear is an EV that can charge its battery with the solar panels on its roof. It can add 44 miles a day, bringing its range to 388 miles. For daily driving, the panels might be enough to keep the car charged for months!

The Lightyear 0 will have curved solar panels in its roof, hood and trunk that top up the electric battery as it drives (or remains parked) and the first delivery in Europe could be as early as November.

In a hot county such as Spain or Portugal, if your daily commute is less than 22 miles, you won’t need to plug in the car for up to seven months

This self-charging capacity could come in handy in situations where people don’t have easy access to charging stations, like apartment dwellers or families on a camping trip. For typical in town and commuting routes, you might not…

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