The Seven Gurus

Kaushal Kishore

First Guru was my mother
who gave birth to me,
and who delivered the first lesson
of my life in her lap…

Second Guru is Mother Earth
I grew up on
with her support and succour…

The third Guru was my father,
holding whose finger
I learned to walk…

Fourth Gurus were all those teachers
from whom I received
various types of knowledge…

Fifth Guru is my wife
who taught me
what nobody else could…

Sixth Gurus are my children
who give me fresh insight
and innovative ideas…

And above all,
seventh Gurus are my friends
including those on WP
and other social media,
who constantly enlighten me
with their knowledge, wisdom, wits
and creative thoughts
that enrich me every which way…

I consider all those persons
as my Gurus (teachers),
who came in my life,
from whom I learnt
something or other…

Today on the occasion of
Guru Purnima,

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