The Democrats Remind Us…

GOP really hates women… and privacy, health and freedom!!!


I think there are enough facts here to justify quoting from
Republican lawmakers are not stopping at overturning Roe. Across the country, Republicans are not only passing total abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest, but are now introducing legislation that could ban contraceptives.In Ohio, a group of House Republicans introduced a bill that would effectively ban all abortions from the moment of conception, and potentially other forms of birth control like IUDs.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “The bill contains just two sentences: ‘The state of Ohio shall recognize the personhood, and protect the constitutional rights, of all unborn human individuals from the moment of conception. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted in any manner that would endanger the life of a mother.’”

The Columbus Dispatch: “Click’s bill, which is being co-sponsored by seven other lawmakers, could also potentially ban other forms of birth…

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2 thoughts on “The Democrats Remind Us…”

  1. This makes no sense. Why banish birth control? To prevent the death of potential fetuses? Are these people Catholics? But even the Pope is not that strict anymore. They are running amok! What will be the next? That they criminalize women, who have sex, but didn’t conceive?
    Ladies, don’t get married, don’t have sex, this is sheer tyranny!

    1. It is all mixed up with politics. There are many “evangelical” Protestants in Right to Life movement because of its appeal to control over change, going back to some mythical past where they won’t feel threatened by life. Too close to those who supported KluKluxKlan, Nazis, and those who persecuted people they thought were witches or devils.

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