Happiness (and laughter) at work

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I’m a sustainer and a promoter of the idea of Happiness at Work (I am the proud coordinator of the Happiness Fest Events in Nuremberg every year), and happiness requires a bit of humor.

Humor is also a clear sign of intelligence, which is never a bad thing in a business environment.

Workplaces that are too serious and that are against a healthy dose of laughter, happiness, and humor, have a severe negative impact on their employees and managers.
So it’s a good idea to keep an open mind, laugh, be happy, and be able to use your wits.

Emotional intelligence is also involved here: laughing is an extremely effective system to create social bonds, decrease interpersonal and hierarchical distance, and promote communication and teamwork.

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Laughter lets us leave behind the negative burden of stress and embrace the positive aspect of growth. It decreases…

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