Why Is It So Hard to Create Permanent Habits


Every person has habits they rely on to complete certain activities at their own pace. It is not very hard to forget habits because they are a part of daily life, and we constantly make new ones whenever we face something new.

However, making “permanent” habits is a different story as it can take years before one is fully developed. But why is this so? Here are some reasons why it is tough to create permanent habits:

  1. You do not have an aim you wish to achieve in life
  2. , and there is a lack of self-motivation to develop something new.
  3. Distractions are preventing you from focusing on your efforts to make new habits.
  4. You are surrounded by people who negatively influence your thinking.
  5. Specific memories or current life situations throw a wrench in your efforts to recover and develop new habits.
  6. You are experiencing extreme bouts of procrastination, or…

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