Today and Now

Kaushal Kishore

There are times
when we have no time
for anything for anyone
including ourselves,
we get up early in the morning
and return late in the evening
to earn comfort
that remains a mirage,
as we don’t take time out
to think, dream, read, play,
to listen, laugh, love and live
never to enjoy
what time provides
at different points of time
and then we wish
there was a little more time…

But time keeps flying fast
never going to come back,
time doesn’t have enough time
to give us time again
it can’t be preserved like a pickle
it can’t be seen
but can be felt and utilised,
it’s free but priceless,
it’s perishable but powerful,
it may look deaf, but it’s not blind,
it sees everything and everyone,
if we don’t decide well in time
what we have to do,
time decides what we have to do…


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