Jolly {cough, cough} Monday!

Filosofa's Word

Good Monday morning, dear friends!  Yes, Monday has rolled around once again … time to drag out the suits ‘n ties, the briefcases … unless, of course, you’re retired like me and can happily stay in your jammies all day long!  Then Monday doesn’t seem so bad!  So, did you all have a fun weekend?  I stayed in … the air quality is very poor and I have enough trouble catching my breath inside the air-conditioned house, so I think it would be a very bad idea to go out in the heat & humidity and don a mask on top of it all.  I hope the weather is not so oppressive where you are!  Well, Joyful has been in the kitchen for a couple of hours now … she said she promised you guys double bacon today to make up for last Monday … so let’s go see what…

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