A Voice from Iran

“126th story”

First published: Jan.23.2020

A story by Laleh Chini:

As I explained our lifestyle in my book “Climbing Over Grit;” we lived on one massive property with my four uncles and their families. Because of this, we were always busy having fun and being together.


One of my cousins and I were the same age, so we spent lots of time together. We were playmates.


It was getting close to the start of school, we were about six years old and it was time to go to kindergarten.

Our mothers took us to school shopping. We got lovely school bags and bought many fun things to fill our bags with. We were extremely excited.


On registration day, our mothers took us to a school near home that was about a 15-minute walk and registered us. My cousin and I were so proud that we’d gotten accepted into university.


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