Sonhos comigo!

Nunca deixe que as pessoas te diga que os seus sonhos não valem a pena. Uma vida sem sonhos é infecunda, sem esperança e importância. Sempre que alguém tentar dizer que você não é capaz, certamente, essa pessoa fala sobre as próprias limitações, não as tuas. Portanto, busque alcançar tudo o que deseja. A beleza humana está contida no desejo. E, isso é o que nos torna incompletos, crus diante de nossos sonhos.

Sonha, busca as suas próprias pérolas “

“Sonha, idealiza, busca o impossível!”, porque, a medida que se sonha, não se desiste da vida, e daquilo que nos move rumo ao sucesso. O que se pede em segredo, com um pouco de esforço e dedicação, o universo nos oxigena a esperança, estimula e motiva para conquistarmos decifrar o parece impossível.

Siga a trilhados seus sonhos…rega a sua vida de sentimentos bons, pois não há mestre melhor para…

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Papo de mulher comigo!

“Fingir que somos livres e que podemos agir como quisermos, é ter certeza que não somos.”

Eu te convido para tomarmos um cafezinho e conversamos como mulher. Sim, é papo de mulher, aceita?

Como mulher, é possível pensarmos que mesmo em meio a essa ” movimentação de ganhos ” não digo ” privilégios ” mas ganhos, que temos e conquistamos em relação aos pequenos espaços da sociedade, ao longo dos anos, sermos realmente livres em todos os aspectos como gostaríamos de ser e agirmos ? Não somos. Enquanto muitas mulheres continuam passando por opressões, lutando de fato, pelo seu lugar na sociedade, vivendo sob abusos, maus-tratos e violência, e principalmente, ela não ter a liberdade de falar e pensar o quiser, certamente, as suas ações ainda são desiguais. Nós mulheres continuamos fazendo jus a luta pelos nossos direitos.

Diariamente, vemos a repetição de velhos comportamentos que nos leva a ter…

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Oldest Blogger + Aithal’s Survival + Pod39: Vet Trip by B Christopher

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

This post's title over Image of Morrie Markoff, then 99, and his wife, Betty, then 97, at their home in 2013. Photo by Gary Friedman for the Los Angeles Times.

Click H-E-R-E for my podcast page at AnchorFM. This week’s show is the audio version of Critter Vids + A Vet Trip by Brendan Christopher.

At the Happiness Between Tails podcast page, you’ll also find links to subscribe, hear, and share it via most any platform, from Spotify and Apple Podcasts, to Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts, along with RadioPublic and Castbox and Stitcher and more, plus an RSS feed. Check out the full list of 50+ places.

“When you reach the age of 100, suddenly, even if you did nothing notable, you are a celebrity. Friends, even longtime ones, neighbors and strangers look at you differently. You see and feel it. When perfect strangers find out, they shake your hand, as if, by osmosis, you can transfer the secrets of long life to them.” Quote from Keep Breathing: Recollections from a 103-year-old, by Morrie…

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Caribbean Observatory calls for repeal of discriminatory laws infringing LGBTQ+ rights

Petchary's Blog

The Caribbean Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is an accredited member of the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. It is a civil society-led initiative to conduct social monitoring and track progress towards the advancement of integrated  SRHR and gender-based violence (GBV) in the region while advocating for improved programming as well as policy and legislative reforms, and quality client-focussed SRH services, with particular attention to vulnerable and marginalised persons.

SRHR Observatory has just posted a release (dated July 6, 2022) in response to the July 5 ruling by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court that sections of sexual offences legislation in Antigua and Barbuda are unconstitutional.

Here is their press release:


The Caribbean Observatory on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights applauds the decison made…

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Guest Post from WillowCroft: On Responsible Choices

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This is WillowCroft’s guest post, which expresses powerfully what is at stake for us:

The Most Responsible Choice I Ever Made

I had a choice, the choice that has now been horrifyingly stripped from citizens of the United States. I made my choice. And it was one of the few wise choices I’ve made during my entire life. For myself, and for the fetus. And for this populated-by-too-many-humans-already world, where resources are becoming more and more scarce. It was an eminently responsible choice on all fronts.

Because I had a choice, my future child didn’t have to be born into the world I wish I hadn’t been born into.

A world of catastrophic environmental destruction and widespread animal extinction.

A world where 99% can’t afford to buy food, much less have a place to live, and forget about buying a home these days, of course. And whom are also deprived…

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De malinha pronta

Luck is believing you’re lucky.

Tennessee Williams

Unexpected encounter
Who would have guessed?
You decided to sunbathe on a warm stone
Instead of lying on the soft grass
You showed up when good fortune was all I needed
And I am willing to accept all the good things life will give me.

Filipa Moreira da Cruz

Photos : Filipa Moreira da Cruz

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Yams in Pecan Glaze


What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Start Smart: Yams in Pecan Glaze! Oh. My. Gosh. You have got to make this recipe. There’s still plenty of time before the holidays to switch back to your traditional family favorite if you don’t like it, but think about this a moment. By using canned yams, or sweet potatoes, preparation is a snap. Who knows? You could end up making both. Remember what I said about “Start Smart”? Sometimes that means taking advantage of the numerous products that eliminate the extra leg work. Sugared pecans are such a gourmet treat. Pick up a package of those to add to the decadent pure maple syrup sauce. Read on if you’re curious.



29-ounce can cut sweet potatoes in syrup

4 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoon sage, finely chopped

1 teaspoon thyme, finely chopped

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1/8 teaspoon…

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