15 Main Sources of Toxic Air Pollutants Around the World

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Toxic air pollutants are the type of pollutants that are surmised of causing cardiovascular diseases, asthma, respiratory diseases, cancer, reproductive effects, irritation in vital parts of the body, birth defects, damage to the health and immune system, and other dangerous health and environmental effects all around the world. (Click here to get information on ten major types of toxic or hazardous air pollutants.)

The main sources of toxic air pollutants around the world include, but may not be limited to:

1. Small chemical plants

Each small chemical plant around the world produces a variety of airborne solid, and liquid waste, along with toxic chemicals and pollutants that escape into the air in one way or another, increase the eventual cost of products (from the plants), and threaten human health and the environment.

2. Substantial accidental and intentional chemical discharges

This includes both accidental/unintentional and intentional leaks and spills which…

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The Abortion Controversy: Data


Sometimes it’s useful to go past the talking heads and look at actual numbers to see what people are really saying.

We have to look at 2017, because that seems to be the latest year for which a full set of data is available. Of course, that’s pre-pandemic, which makes it a good year to study.

Let’s take the case of Mississippi.

  • The total population in Mississippi in 2017 was 2,984,100.
  • The abortion rate in Mississippi in 2017 was 4.3 per 1,000 women of reproductive age. Now of course, not every woman of reproductive age was actually pregnant.
  • Infant deaths in Mississippi were 8.7 per 1,000 life births. That number includes stillbirths and miscarriages.
  • In absolute terms, that’s 37,357 live births and 2,594 abortions that year. There were another 325 deaths before and after birth. (1) (Note: different data sources provide somewhat different numbers. The differences are more pronounced at…

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Marii Freire Pereira

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Na vida, você passa por momentos difíceis, felizes, indecisões, perdas de entes queridos, surpresas agradáveis, talvez…uma notícia inesperada (…), Mas, em todas todos os momentos, você percebe o quanto é grande a sua coragem e ousadia? Então, não se pergunte o porque ” disso ou daquilo”. Viva simplesmente. Em suma, a vida é compostas por uma somatória de perdas e compensações. Um dia, ela “nos entrega”, e no outro “nos tira”. Eu não sei, em que momento você parou hoje, não sei o que vive e passa, mas aceite …

Essa proposta do universo!..

Aceite o que ele deseja de você hoje.

Marii Freire Pereira

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Santarém, Pá 25 de junho de 2022

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Greta Thunberg delivers a climate warning at Glastonbury – BBC News

The earth’s biosphere is “not just changing, it is destabilising, it is breaking down,” the 19-year-old told festival-goers from the Pyramid Stage.

She criticised world leaders for “creating loopholes” to protect firms whose emissions cause climate change.

“That is a moral decision… that will put the entire living planet at risk”, she added.

But she ended on a message of hope, telling festival-goers they had the power to make a difference.

“We are capable of the most incredible things,” she said. “Once we are given the full story… we will know what to do. There is still time to choose a new path, to step back from the cliff.

“Instead of looking for hope, start creating that hope yourself.

The climate activist also visited the festival’s Park area during her visit

“Make no mistake, no-one else is going to do this for us,” she concluded. “Right here and now is where we stand our ground.”

Source: Greta Thunberg delivers a climate warning at Glastonbury – BBC News

Mario Quintana

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” Amigos não consultem os relógios quando um dia me for de vossas vidas…Porque o tempo é uma invenção da morte: não o conhece a vida – a verdadeira- em que basta um momento de poesia para nós dar a eternidade inteira. “

Mario Quintana


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10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #81

Content Catnip

Are you yearning to know what your grandpa’s eau de toilette smelled like? Perhaps you want to see a deer from Star Wars, different coloured carrots, rotund cats…whatever you’re after, you can find it in edition #81 of interesting things…

The Body is Round

What did 1968 smell like? Not like your grandad’s armpit but maybe something close…

Originally tweeted by Pulp Librarian (@PulpLibrarian) on December 12, 2021.

This beautiful and peaceful lo-fi mix is great for focus

I love the cosy animation of a couple in front of a campfire

Great news! Giant pandas are no longer endangered

They are called Xiongmoa which means ‘bear that looks like a cat’ in Chinese. The giant panda was once close to extinction but populations have bounced back in 2020 due to reforestation and conservation campaigns.

Great news! Giant pandas are no longer endangered
Great news! Giant pandas are no longer endangered

Via The Happy Broadcast

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