In my post a few minutes ago I chickened out like a coward.  At almost 87 I should have known better.  Then I read a youngster’s post,  (, and got back on my feet.

In her post Annie said a lot of wise things, including quotes from retired Judge J. Michael Luttig’s appearance before the House select committee on June 16:

“The former president’s accountability under the law for the riot in the United States Capitol on January 6 is incidental to his responsibility and accountability for his attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election from the American People and thereby steal America’s democracy from America herself.

“That said, willful ignorance of law and fact is neither excuse nor defense in law. Willful ignorance, thus, is neither political nor legal excuse or defense available to the former President of the United States, his allies, and his supporters.

“The former president’s…

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