Why would any poor person…


Why would any poor or middle class person and/or those who love democracy want gun – toting money – grubbing liars bent on power who buy elections?….Huh?  Tell me that,  — who carry guns without a permit, bent on cuts to social security, medicaid, medicare, Obamacare, and get paranoid about science (not recognizing technology as science)….Who create a teacher shortage,  castrate public education, arm teachers whose anxiety level is already high and target those who aren’t mirror images of ourselves?  Manipulation is the word of the day, but few call attention to it meanwhile…

….who automate jobs to avoid paying better salaries while incarcerating women who choose not to bring more innocents into this crazy, overpopulated world.  (They say Amazon has several stores without living employees, and that WalMart has automated floor scrubber/waxers, in addition to self-checkouts.  When will restaurant hostesses become robots?)  More babies, fewer jobs.  That road leads…

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