A Voice from Iran

“123rd story”

First published: Dec.26.2019

A story by Laleh Chini:

This story goes back nearly fifty or more years ago.

My grandparents and their children were coming back to Shiraz, our hometown, from a long road trip.


They had less than two-three hours to get home when they saw an accident had happened a few minutes back.


They stopped to help as back then, the roads were not highways like now. And there were no cell phones to call the police. Someone had to drive to the nearest town to report any accidents; so, people usually helped in an accident and even sometimes took the injured to the nearest hospitals.


When my grandparents got to the scene, other cars had already done most of the job, and the last of the injured were taken out of the damaged car and being taken care of, and only one was remaining. My…

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