We Can Do Better Wednesdays, old Chapter 10, and Community Land Trusts as part of Phase IV

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

This post is  the rough draft of  old Chapter 10, section III. A. of my non-fiction WiP, Do Better, fka Baby Floors.   This part will introduce the early years of mapping out a path to get there for Phase III.   Outlines will be matched, at the bottom of this post, with sections for both parts II and III of this chapter.

Note that Phase IV, discussed in detail in this chapter, goes very well with the use of a Community Land Trust, where land is held in common by a local community, in a shared ownership arrangement.  There are a few such trusts in California, at least.

The overall objective remains that of putting a floor on poverty so that each and every baby born can have a safe childhood.


Once again, by way of disclaimer, the overall goal is now to explain why we need both equ…

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