Why Searching Matters on Juneteenth

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For years, many newly freed people searched across the country for their formerly enslaved loved ones who had been sold away.  Green 
             Heartbreaking advertisements for missing family members appeared for years after the emancipation.  Searching  

From the first Compensated Emancipation in DC, EmanDayDC to the ratification of the 13th Amendment, freed slaves moved around “restlessly” seeking their people, whom they remembered and loved, who had been sold from plantations and away from families by owners, traders, speculators, or debt collectors.  InfoWanted Please find  more examples, as there are many records of this, dear friends.  And I wonder if, in a few years, Willow and or Anna will be engaged in this same search for lost loved ones? 

    I look forward to your comments on honoring True Seekers this Minbari and Juneteenth Monday, Thoughtful Readers.


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