Why Emancipation, Parenting, and Education All Matter on Day 16/67

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   First of all, no one can be free in any way without legal freedom, from the first Compensated Emancipation in DC,  which had long been celebrated as Emancipation Day on April 16th, with a parade, EmanDayDC even, through the early 1900s or so, in The District, to the final end of that process, for areas in rebellion to the Union, on Juneteenth in Texas, although most border states like Maryland, which had remained part of the Union, had also emancipated slaves, except for Delaware and Kentucky.  Slaves in those states had to wait until ratification of the 13th Amendment.
(src: The Washington Post)
      Then, no one can be entirely free of self-doubts without a loving, respectful, and supportive father.
    Finally, no one can be wholly free to expand and thrive without education of various types.

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