No Way, not in my country

When will they take off their Halloween masks and admit it was all a joke, and dark humor at that?  We already have the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households [Pew Research],  and they pretend to suggest pubescent children be forced to deliver incestuously and other rapist-conceived babies on the chance the foetus might cure cancer one day?  More likely he/she would become a  gun-toting saboteur of democracy.  Can you imagine growing up with a mother who was forced to have you?

In my state they’re even pretending to require that teachers receive less training than formerly to carry guns in the classroom. (Who could chew gum then?)  Haw haw…

In the heart of our nation there’s a club that pretends to have an iron fist over our populis, chanting civil rights pride while encouraging adults–and some before their 21st birthday–to…

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