Vitamin D Revisited


Dr. Leslie Kernisan reprized an article on Vitamin D supplementation this weekend. The one finding worth noting is that simply spending time outdoors is no guarantee that you have a sufficient amount of this vitamin in your body. I’ll explain below:


  • Source: Vitamin D occurs naturally and can be created and activated by the body through a three-step process starting with synthesis from exposure of skin to sunlight, and then two hydroxylation actions first in the liver and then in the kidneys. It can also be captured from dietary supplements.
  • Known benefits of vitamin D: The body uses vitamin D for several purposes:
    • Bone creation and to limit the risk of brittle, soft or deformed bones. The related disease conditions are rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults, and osteoporosis among older adults.
    • Prevention of involuntary muscle spasms or cramps
    • Maintenance of calcium and phosphate concentrations at the right levels…

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