Is This What True Emancipation Looks Like?

How will we know when we have succeeded?

Well, when ‘freedom to’ comes, women will be free to make their own choices, wherever in this great union they happen to live. Their bodies will not be a matter of governmental rhetoric, nor of religious propaganda.

When ‘freedom to’ comes, we will all be free to vote in fair and just elections. No citizen’s voting rights will be threatened by gerrymandering, intimation, or suppression tactics.

When ‘freedom to’ comes, everyone will be free to love and marry whomever they please, because love will simply be love.

When ‘freedom to’ comes, each of us will be free to worship in any way we chose – or not worship at all – without facing vile attacks. Anti-Muslim hate speech and antisemitism will no longer exist. No-one will be shouting “Jews will not replace us.”

When ‘freedom to’ comes, parents will be free to send their children to school without worrying that they might be shot, because the Second Amendment will not count for more than students’ lives.

When ‘freedom to’ comes, every child will be free to realize their ambitions. Poverty will not be a barrier to achievement, and a poor White child in a rural area will matter just as much as a poor Black child in an urban area.

Together, we can complete the task begun on the very first Juneteenth, but dreaming won’t be enough. We need to awaken from our current nightmare and take action.

Source: Is This What True Emancipation Looks Like?