No Way, not in my country

When will they take off their Halloween masks and admit it was all a joke, and dark humor at that?  We already have the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households [Pew Research],  and they pretend to suggest pubescent children be forced to deliver incestuously and other rapist-conceived babies on the chance the foetus might cure cancer one day?  More likely he/she would become a  gun-toting saboteur of democracy.  Can you imagine growing up with a mother who was forced to have you?

In my state they’re even pretending to require that teachers receive less training than formerly to carry guns in the classroom. (Who could chew gum then?)  Haw haw…

In the heart of our nation there’s a club that pretends to have an iron fist over our populis, chanting civil rights pride while encouraging adults–and some before their 21st birthday–to…

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Juneteenth — Another Point Of View

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This is another that I first published last year, but felt it was well worth reprising this year, for it is thought-provoking and adds context, another view, to the discussion. 

While I have applauded the passage and presidential signing of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act and have chalked up most of the objections to both ignorance and racism, I did come across one thought-provoking OpEd.  This piece by a professor at Morehouse College, a historically Black liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia, makes some very valid points.  Professor Robert A. Brown is not against the Juneteenth holiday, but reminds us that declaring it a federal holiday is not the end goal, that there is much work to be done in this country yet before Blacks have true freedom and equality.  The phrase, ‘Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words’ comes to mind as I read his words and…

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Estimating the timing of geophysical commitment to 1.5 and 2.0 °C of global warming | Nature Climate Change

Following abrupt cessation of anthropogenic emissions, decreases in short-lived aerosols would lead to a warming peak within a decade, followed by slow cooling as GHG concentrations decline. This implies a geophysical commitment to temporarily crossing warming levels before reaching them. Here we use an emissions-based climate model (FaIR) to estimate temperature change following cessation of emissions in 2021 and in every year thereafter until 2080 following eight Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs). Assuming a medium-emissions trajectory (SSP2–4.5), we find that we are already committed to peak warming greater than 1.5 °C with 42% probability, increasing to 66% by 2029 (340 GtCO2 relative to 2021). Probability of peak warming greater than 2.0 °C is currently 2%, increasing to 66% by 2057 (1,550 GtCO2 relative to 2021). Because climate will cool from peak warming as GHG concentrations decline, committed warming of 1.5 °C in 2100 will not occur with at least 66% probability until 2055. Halting emissions does not immediately stop warming as atmospheric concentrations continue to warm the planet. This study shows society may already be committed to exceeding 1.5 °C peak warming with 42% probability; delaying cuts increases this to 66% in 2029 for all scenarios.
— Read on www.nature.com/articles/s41558-022-01372-y.epdf

Gustavo Petro Wins Colombia’s Presidential Election – The New York Times

Mr. Petro said his relationship with the United States would focus on working together to tackle climate change, specifically halting the rapid erosion of the Amazon.

“There is a point of dialogue there,” he said. “Because saving the Amazon rainforest involves some instruments, some programs, that do not exist today, at least not with respect to the United States. It is, in my opinion, the priority.”


Texas Republican Party Enshrines Anti-LGBTQ Hate in Extreme Right-Wing Party Platform – Mother Jones

Source: Texas Republican Party Enshrines Anti-LGBTQ Hate in Extreme Right-Wing Party Platform – Mother Jones