Human rights advocates respond to imposition of a State of Emergency in St. Catherine

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What our local media like to call “the crime monster” continues to haunt us all, stalking us – ever in our footsteps. Rather like the monster in the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” its presence is always palpable in some way or another. But unlike the sci-fi monster, crime doesn’t live in the “Upside Down.” It is very much in our right-way-up world. It is a daily reality for many Jamaicans.

After the broad-daylight mayhem in Spanish Town last week, Prime Minister Andrew Holness in an early morning press briefing declared a State of Emergency in St. Catherine, the large and densely populated parish of which Spanish Town is the Capital. The following day, a landmark ruling in the Supreme Court found that regulations governing the 2018 State of Public Emergency breached the constitutional rights of a claimant, who was held for several months without charge.

There has been much discussion…

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