Vaccinations Rates Are Lower in Red States, and Not Just for Covid


Conservative areas have lower rates of vaccination for Covid-19. That statement shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. However, the CDC is finding now that these same areas are showing lower rates of vaccination for the seasonal flu. (1)

The divergence is quite remarkable. For the flu season of 2021-2022:

  • Covid-19 vaccines: Use varied from 50% in Alabama to 81% in Rhode Island
  • Flu vaccines: Use varied from 31% in Mississippi to 59% in Connecticut

In the prior flu season, the variation in use of the flu vaccine was not nearly this great. For that reason, the CDC hypothesizes that the controversy stirred up over the Covid vaccines hurt acceptance of the flu vaccine.

That’s certainly one possibility. Another is that the controversy became a convenient excuse for people who don’t like needles to avoid them. In Democratic areas of the US, there is arguably peer pressure in favor of…

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