Insurrectionist Tells Judge Her Elite Credentials Should Keep Her Out of Prison – Mother Jones

Even after she pushed her way into the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, she yelled in the Rotunda, “I am a Stanford-educated attorney!” before giving speeches to passing rioters complaining about vaccine mandates and urging the use of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for Covid treatment. She spent an hour in the Capitol that day, pushing her way to the door of the House chamber as members of Congress fled the violent mob.

In March this year, even as Gold pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor for illegally entering a restricted building during the insurrection, she demanded that the judge refer to her as “doctor.” And now, as she awaits sentencing this week, she’s arguing that her elite professional credentials should keep her out of jail. The Justice Department disagrees. A sentencing memo filed by the government in the US District Court for the District of Columbia last week indicates that prosecutors are asking the judge to sentence Gold to 90 days in jail because of, not in spite of, her gold-plated resume. “The Court should reject any contention by Gold that her previous career as a doctor and her legal education are mitigating factors,” prosecutors wrote. “They are not.”

Far from mitigating her crime, they argue, Gold’s professional credentials indicate that of all the people who joined in the mob at the insurrection that day, she should have known better. Not only did she fail to use her medical skills to help a Capitol police officer who had been pushed to the ground by the mob right in front of her as she entered the building, prosecutors write, but:

“Gold, having attended a premier law school, could be expected to have been amply aware that entering the US Capitol with a forceful mob, and rushing past broken windows to do so, was illegal. Gold could be expected to have had an understanding that breaking into the House Chamber on the very day that, under established law, the United States Congress certifies the results of the presidential election, would have particularly harmful consequences for our democracy. Yet Gold joined a mob that attempted to do exactly that.”

In pushing for jail time, prosecutors also argue that Gold doesn’t seem the least bit sorry for her participation in what occurred at the Capitol. “Gold refuses to take responsibility for her crime and, worse yet, she is actively using her crime to tarnish law enforcement, enrich herself, and cause harm through misinformation and vitriol.” The memo goes on to detail Gold’s use of her prosecution for fundraising purposes for AFLDS, which it notes, pays her a staggering $20,000 a month. The group’s website describes Gold’s case as the “political persecution of a law-abiding emergency physician,” and includes a video depicting her bound and gagged as a political prisoner. The website indicates that she’s raised more than $430,000 for legal fees. Prosecutors write in the sentencing memo that “Gold’s public insistence that she is the victim here—despite her deliberate participation in a violent riot—bespeaks a disturbing lack of remorse.”


Source: Insurrectionist Tells Judge Her Elite Credentials Should Keep Her Out of Prison – Mother Jones