The Writing Process, Editing eBooks, and Cars That Won’t Run, Dad?

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So this is what a Karmann Ghia looks like, huh?

Editing this version of almost draft number seven reminded me of how I rescued, on a dare, an old Kindle from Oblivion as it was about to be recycled because a landlady of mine in New Mexico said it no longer worked. Not quite as good as getting a dead car to run, like my father used to do, but, it’s a start.    Apparently as they said in my father’s funeral, people used to give him old cars that wouldn’t run, and he would not only get them to run, but also supe them up and race them.    Nevertheless I was proud of myself that I got this really old Kindle to run, and have been using it for years now. I find that for some reason it makes a big difference editing in ebook format, where I…

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