♫ Sir Duke ♫ (Redux)

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Okay, so I was looking into a song for this morning’s music post that had been mentioned by a dear friend, and as I wanted to bring a much-needed smile to his face, I was planning to surprise him with a song.  And then … and then … this one popped into my head and … well, if you’ve followed this blog for a few years, you know that Stevie Wonder is DA MAN in my book, and as I listened … a funny thing happened.  My face felt funny … what was wrong???  WHOA … could it be … was it possible … yes … YES … the corners of my mouth were slightly upturned … I was … SMILING!  And so, I will post my friend’s song tomorrow night, but for tonight, sit back and enjoy yourself a bit of Stevie at his best!

I am told by…

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