Less is More

On a mission

Less is More

In today’s world of digital destruction oops digital attractions less is more when it comes to grabbing the attention of anyone.

This summer break, kids are getting more attracted to devices. They hop from one to another, for example, X-Box to Watch some streaming to Phone. It’s not only to kids it applies to adults as well. Today if you see someone walking their dogs they are also preoccupied with their device and I am not sure what dogs would be thinking. There are exceptions as well.

Now, why I am saying less is more is because in today’s time… we have abundance but still fleeting for more. Here is how we can make Less as More!

Lower your wants.

Engage your mind

Sleep right and on time

Serve community, country

Involve others in a good cause

Smile for 30 seconds for 5-times a day.

Manage your…

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