Thanh Dang | thanksgiving (2)


By Thanh Dang, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

Perhaps there, the past autumns reside,

Kiss my footprints on the grass-strewn path upon my departure ?

The inns noted in all direction

Images of time – thanksgiving – memos of the Heart !

Me – a traveler – fumbling through the jungle of dusks,

Leaving or returning ?

Within the journeys devoid of power

Who am I since I, myself I have lost…

Raising the glasses – The cheers – In honour of the greenness of leaves

The wishes for now and forevermore

One needs not the endless fight to survive

The freshest of spring, present in all days

Có thể lại mùa Thu xưa ở đó,

Hôn bước mình trên lối cỏ rồi đi ?

Nếu phải viết muôn phương là quán trọ

Ảnh một thời – thâm tạ – Trái tim ghi !

Tôi – hành giả…

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