♫ Summer of ’69 ♫ (Redux)

Filosofa's Word

I first played this one just over a year ago, but I am reduxing tonight because … I promised our friend Clive that I would find one he likes better than the one I played yesterday.  I remembered that this was one that he liked, so … this one’s for you, Clive!

I have a double reason for playing this one tonight … nay, a triple reason!  One is our friend Keith Wilson who said, speaking of Bryan Adams, “‘Summer of ’69’ is probably my favorite of his because it seems autobiographical.”  Two is our friend Clive who, also speaking of Bryan Adams, said, “My favourites of his are ‘Summer Of ‘69’ and ‘Run To You’, not that you were asking 😉  And third, I rather like this song … if I didn’t, I wouldn’t likely play it here. 

Typically, I get most of the trivia and…

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