Writing Process: 6th Draft Edits Done, Beta Readers and Logo Needed!!

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

           At last!  I am in final proofs of the text of Draft  #6  of Project Do Better’s manifesto,  so let me know if you want to read this 6th Draft and I will post it!

     I look forward to hearing your opinions, Thoughtful Readers.

We can really  Do Better.



Action Prompts:

    Share your thoughts on how to build buy-in to create a more equal, or at least less inequitable, society, please.   Guest posts are always welcome.  Writing, by the way, is my personal contribution to Project Do Better

What would yours be, if you had time?


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Holistic College Algebra & GED/HiSET Night School Lesson Plans,

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