Chilly Bears: Brain Freeze from a Paper Cup 🥶

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: joan_njenga

Here is a refreshing childhood memory I thought about, that cooled me off as I faced a hot muggy day this week. Who would have thought a simple homemade frozen treat would bring back some brain-chilling memories? 🥶 Look out summer, it’s time to get creative with some homemade childhood treats.

Chilly Bears

We were drenched in the sizzling heat
a heat understood in a southern summer
parched lips, dry mouths
foreheads dripping with sweat
oh, what a relief as we spotted our rescue

we danced with excitement
like kernels of popcorn jumping in a popper
and there they were, paper cups
filled with flavored frozen kool-aid
ready to satisfy parched tongues

reaching for that sweet frozen treat
some called them ice cups
others said they were freeze cups

kids today call them popsicles with a stick

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