The Internet’s Most Popularly Used Words that Make Headlines Go Viral

Motivation & Environment

It is easy to understand the characteristics of viral headlines on the internet if we observe the type of words that appear in the titles of web pages that appear at the top of search engines like Google which directs internet visitors to blogs or websites that receive very high volumes of traffic.

By figuring out what makes different types of content to be so attractive to different internet audiences, one would likely end up noticing that most readers’ attraction to titles and articles could depend a lot on their feelings, emotions, level of interest, and a number of other things or factors that can’t be controlled; regardless of what they may be, the following types of words have been observed to be influential in making headlines go viral:

Words that “point” to a specific person, thought, or thing

Direct examples of these types of words include: “the”, “that”, “this”…

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