6 thoughts on “I Am Woke. You Should Be Too. | Filosofa’s Word”

  1. I found the following explanation of the expressen “woke” on the Internet:
    “Being woke is being plugged in and being actively aware and involved with the world around you. However, the word holds a partisan undertone that we usually don’t even notice, and if we do, that we probably don’t disagree with. The word “woke” implies that to support the liberal viewpoint is to be socially aware.”
    If this is correct, I would prefer the adjectives attentive, observant, regardful, equivalents to the German “achtsam”. They are not politically tainted (yet).

    1. That’s a bit of a broad brush definition. In US, those who currently use “woke” as a negative deny that racism was and is a problem in the US, that women have rights equal to men and that owning rifles and hand guns is an unlimited right. The author, I believe, is saying that the issues of civil rights, women’s rights and public safety from gun violence need to be open for discussion and education.

    2. Yes, I guessed as much. It is just a bit difficult with these new expressions that come up. If they don’t originate in one’s own country it is really difficult to understand what they are supposed to mean. And if one doesn’t understand the meaning of a new adjective, it is hard to say if one wants to be like that.
      Another problem I have is with the word “meme”. I still don’t know, what it actually means.

    3. A cartoon, catch phrase, photo that is sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic and sometime hurtful meant to sum up a person or situation in a moment. And one that after it catches on is repeated over and over with great speed. Depicting a dark skinned person as a monkey or ape scratching its head would be an early form of a meme. Depicting German soldiers stabbing babies was a popular meme in the US as propaganda during the 1st world war. Showing a polar bear struggling to stay afloat on a small chunk of ice is a meme for climate change…

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