Brain Overload And The January 6th Hearings

Filosofa's Word

The human brain is a marvel … it really is.  But, it is not capable of processing the enormous amounts of detritus we’re putting into it these days without consequences.  Continuing to overload our central system will … not might, WILL … lead to at the very least a meltdown, at worst, well … I’ll leave that to your imagination.  We need a respite, but how?  People say to me, “Oh, I tuned out all the news long ago and I just focus on things that make me happy.”  A lovely sentiment, I suppose, if you can do it.  Personally, I cannot.  Nor do I think that those who do that for an extended period of time are being good citizens, nor a valuable part of society.  Oh sure, it’s fine to take a break for a day here and there … we all do it, even me.  Yes…

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