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Kyun hain faili ye nafraten?

Charon taraf is duniya me!

Jise dekho dooba hai,

Nafraten bantne me!!

jante hain sab,

Jo denge vahi wapis milega!

Koi to hoga aisa shakhs,

Jo is baat ko samjhega!!

Ki iske lie to bas,

Ek hi kaam karna hoga!

Nafraton ka jawab,

Muhabbaton se dena hoga!!


Why is this hatred spreading?

Around in this world!

Everyone is drowned,

in sharing hate!!

Everyone knows,

You will get back what you give!

There must be such a person,

Who will understand this!!

To solve this,

You have to do just one thing!

Answer to the hatred

Should be given by love!!

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